Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a noninvasive medical test t...


Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry Scan is also called as Bone min...


Endoscopic Spine surgery is being performed for all the aged patien...

Ankylosing Spondylitis

Ankylosing Spondilitis is one of the Arthritis of the spine which  ...


Osteoporosis is age related disease as well with the other predispo...


MISS Minimal Invasive Spine surgery Available at our care center, D...

Deformative Correction

Deformity Correction with the Live monitoring of the neurology lead...

Meet Our Specialists

Dr. Bharat Dave
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Dr. Bharat Dave
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Dr. Ajay Krishnan
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Dr. Ajay Krishnan
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Dr Devanand Degulmadi
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Dr Devanand Degulmadi
Dr. Preeti Krishnan
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Dr. Preeti Krishnan

Why Choose Us?


All types of emergency in the spine due to any medical trauma such as fracture, spinal weakness, Acute affection in Bladder etc. are attended by first available team of Doctors without delayed.


Guided by the lights of Dr. Bharat Dave, Stavya focuses on treating all the types of spine disorders.


When you have come to see a specialist, before consultation make a written notes of the complaints and question to be asked to the doctor.


We accomodate with one of the finest and most qualified spine surgeons and physios.



    Payments for appointments can now be made online. Please check appointment menu option.


    The new venture called “Stavya Spine Hospital Annexe” is  the part of this institute having other amenities like MRI, DEXA, X-Ray ,Pain management clinic and Spine Physiotherapy Center.


    Now you can take online appointment for OPD, Physio and MRI. Please click the appointment option on the top to get confirmed appointment to the best spine surgeons and physios.

Latest News

05 Jul

The Stavya Spine Hospital & Research Institute

Stavya Spine hospital & Research Institute® (SSHRI) has been a leading hospital for Spinal ailments since last Eleven years. It has skilled and dedicated spine surgeons team treating all the types of spine disorders like Lower back pain, Neck pain, Disc prolapsed, Age related Degenerative disc diseases, Fracture due to trauma, Osteoporosis, Congenital deformities, Intra spinal pathologies like tumors , Spinal Infections and arthritis like Ankylosing Spondylitis etc.

The institute has huge clinical work now. It has become training center since 8 years for the orthopedic surgeons who are solely interested in Spine surgery. It has been awarded a fellowship center by AOSpine Internationals. 

The institute has excellent Physiotherapist team where they get training for post operative rehabilitation and conservative management strategies’ for the spinal diseases. Physiotherapist team has become back bone of this institute. The institute has efficient management teams which take care of whole institute work and academic activities. It has dedicated ethics committee. 

The new venture called “Stavya Spine Hospital Annexe” is  the part of this institute having other amenities like MRI, DEXA, X-Ray ,Pain management clinic and Spine Physiotherapy Center. Subspecialty clinics like Ankylosing Spondylitis, Deformity and Osteoporosis clinic with Conference hall Facility. 

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05 Jul


  • Started New place "STAVYA" ANNEXE with Sub Speciality OPD, MRI 1.5 T Phillips  for Whole Body, Cardiac MR,Non contrast MR for cardiac diseases, Dexa scan (Hologic) facility under one roof.
  • Speciality Physiotherapy Center with latest equipments for rehabilitation with huge experience in spine  Physiotherapy.  

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